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I am a long-time resident of Northern Virginia, Air Force veteran, front-end developer, digital artist and multimedia specialist, and traveler of the world.

I developed an interest in computer graphics in middle school, when I got an old Mac computer with Photoshop on it. During high school, I added a few more programs to my arsenal, including Terragen and Bryce, and took some graphics courses.

I went on to George Mason Universtiy where I majored in Art and Visual Technologies. I studied traditional techniques, animation, web and graphic design, and photography. I graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in the field.

I have been involved with Renderosity since high school, and Inner Traveler and Deviant Art since college. Other interests of mine also include building computers, cybersecurity, programming and development, astronomy, travel, science and science-fiction, philosophy, and martial-arts.

The name for the site came from a tripI took to Europe in 2004. The final stop on this trip was to a town in Bayern (Bavaria) Germany called Rottenburg Ob Der Taube. While I was there, I took a tour of the town with a gentleman in medieval clothing acting as the town's night watchman.

Night watchmen performed tasks similar to many among today's law enforcement. They were also tasked to keep those in the town safe from ghosts and evil spirits at night. As a "night owl" myself, doing much of my work late into the night, I felt it fitting to keep the nightwatchman mindset going in the digital age.

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