nightwatch productions


I am a long-time resident of Northern Virginia, U.S. Air Force veteran, front-end developer, digital artist, tech and multimedia specialist, musician and traveler of the world.

I developed an interest in computer graphics in middle school, when I got an old Mac computer with Photoshop on it. During high school, I added a few more programs to my arsenal, including Terragen and Bryce, and took some graphics courses.

I went on to George Mason University where I majored in Art and Visual Technologies. I studied traditional techniques, animation, web and graphic design, and photography. I graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in the field. Since then, I have studied and worked on aviation electrical systems, backend and framework programming, and IT support work.

I have been involved with Renderosity since high school, and Inner Traveler and Deviant Art since college. Other interests of mine also include building computers, security and privacy, programming and development, astronomy, travel, science and science fiction, technology, history, culture, languages, philosophy, and martial-arts.

The name for the site came from a trip I took to Europe in 2004. The final stop on this trip was to a town in Bayern (aka Bavaria) Germany called Rottenburg Ob Der Taube. While I was there, I took a tour of the town with a gentleman in medieval clothing acting as the town's night watchman.

Night watchmen, in those times, performed tasks similar to many among today's law enforcement. They were also tasked with keeping those in the town safe from dæmons and other evil spirits at night. As a "night owl" myself, doing much of my work late into the night, I felt it fitting to keep the nightwatchman mindset going in the digital age, and showing that there's more to what goes "bump in the night."

Depicted in the title banner is Rembrandt's Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq, commonly referred to as The Night Watch.

The goal is simple, but a challenge to adequately describe. I have always been amazed by the world around me and all the incredible things we've managed to accomplish, along with all the things we've blundered. The hope is, with the work I do, to provide, and communicate, that same wonder and wanderlust as well as to inspire others to build a brighter future for all of us. One of meaning, one of purpose, and of a craftsman's level of due dilligence.

A good, or even great life, isn't one found in being comfortable all the time or having it easy. It's found in one's endeavours, effort, and the willingness and ability to put forth effort. I aim for that, and hope that others would want to share in the journey.

The Craftsman’s Creed, by Josh Kaufman.

I am a craftsman. I am dedicated to perfecting the art and science of my craft, which I have chosen freely.

I am constantly, relentlessly searching for ways to improve my craft. I am dedicated to learning from the masters who have preceded me in every way I am able.

I create valuable things that other people want or need. I generously offer my work as a gift when it is wise, but my purpose is to help those who value my work enough to pay for what I have to offer. No one has an unlimited claim on my craft, knowledge, or the fruits of my effort. I work for people who value and support me.

I honestly promote what I have to offer, consistently and to the limit of my capabilities. I make no apologies for promoting my craft. I am proud of my work, and it is my duty and responsibility to reach people who may benefit from my craft. I can help them no other way.

I do my best to ensure that every single person who trusts me with their time, attention, or money is happy with their investment. If they are not, I will do whatever is in my power to do right by them without delay.

Skills are a craftsman’s credentials. I care more about a person’s character, what they know, and what they can do than where they grew up, where they went to school, or how many letters they have after their name. I choose to work with other craftsmen: people who are skilled, not simply schooled.

I respect other craftsmen, and I generously assist them however I’m able. I have no respect for the fool who searches for a way to enjoy the fruits of labor without effort, or the scoundrel who seeks to enrich himself by deluding others. Value, not wealth or fame, is the true measure of every craftsman.

I take good care of myself. My mind and body are the tools I use to advance my craft, so I take care of them. Rest and recovery are essential to my life: a worn-down tool is of no use at all.

I never stop pushing my limits. I am constantly testing and experimenting with new ways to expand my capabilities. It is my way of life.

I refuse to waste precious time and energy on trivial matters, trivial problems, and trivial people. I choose to focus only on the most important of demands: those that help me advance my craft or take care of the people who depend on me.

The world is an uncertain place, which I can not fully predict or control. Regardless, I will do everything in my power to prepare for every challenge and weather every storm. Nothing in this world is powerful enough to stop me from continuing to practice my craft.

Anything that I can do to improve my craft, I will do. This will keep me busy until the end of my days: a challenge I gladly accept. I am a craftsman, and always shall be.